Go Nutrition goes premium with new pouches

The project brief was to supply premium looking packaging with mass market appeal and Law Print Pack helped the brand switch from flat bottom bags to new pouches.

The colour orange is synonymous with the Go Nutrition brand and was integral to the packaging design moving forward,” said Law Print Pack account manager Natalie Yuille.  “Working closely with the design team we were able to provide ink draw downs on the exact materials used in manufacture. This was a huge help to the designers as they could see exactly how their Pantone colours worked on the material.

Go-Nutrition-Packaging-Law-Print-Pack-2 web

“In print, it is often difficult to determine from simply colour matching Pantone references so the benefit of drawdowns can be a huge factor in creating colour consistency across different packaging types.”

Go-Nutrition-Packaging-Law-Print-Pack-5 web

Yuille added: “The fine details we considered, such as matt varnish and the metallic film, has been cleverly used to create a modern, clean look with a premium brand finish.

PN Staff

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